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Here is the current list of games we play here at Cameron University
Fall 2024 Tryouts
If you are interested in joining our team for the Fall 2024 semester. Please complete our tryout form.
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Tryouts Open

Passionate about gaming or esports competitions? We are accepting applications for the 2024-2025 season for all students. Join our team and gain the benefits of experience, a growing network of collegiate competitions and a diverse community of CU students and friends. We are looking for creative, dedicated, and talented individuals to help development all of our teams.

When applying, please be sure to read all the information so you are familiar with the tryout process and other responsibilities. We will reach out with more specific details in the future. All eligible players must be full-time undergraduate or graduate students for the school year. Students who graduate early in the 2023-2024 year are still eligible. All applications close at 11:59 on February 23. If you are having any issues applying, or have any general questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at